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Information about AMSCAAF TRADE

How it works

How does it work?

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AMSCAAF TRADE links up the companies of the "AMSCAAF Zone" (Amazonia, South America, Central America, Mexico, Caribbean and and Africa) with their local customers and suppliers and those of the rest of the world.


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 How to sign up ?

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 1° Registration
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You will receive an email confirming your registration. Click on the link in the email to validate your registration.

2° One year subscription = 99€

 As soon as you have validated your registration, we will send you an invoice of 99€ for a secured payment by PayPal or by credit card (stripe).
Stripe enables online businesses to accept payments, transfer funds and grow rapidly on a global scale.

 If the currency of the payment is different from your settlement currency, Stripe converts the funds to your settlement currency.

If the currency of the payment (USD) is not the currency of your bank card, you may have to pay an exchange fee to your financial institution. This may also be the case if the country of the bank card is different from the country of AMSCAAF (FRANCE), regardless of the currency used.
Once your payment is done, we will validate your one year subscription and you will be able, immediately, to publish from 1 to 30 products or services ads in your space. 
 "The ads are interchangeable."

Reserved for AMSCAAF TRADE members

 Give even more worldwide visibility to your products and services :
 Take advantage of the notoriety of the «AMSCAAF Community» and its marketplace AMSCAAF TRADE !
 Take advantage of our one-month «EXTRAPromo» advertising package at a rate of 490€.
 Your advertising campaign broadcast on at least 5 web supports with international audiences, in the language of your choice.


Testimony of Philippe AHOLOU

Pineapple Producer in Benin

Beneficiary of the EXTRApromo offer

TESTIMONIAL: My international promotion, by AMSCAAF TRADE… Cheaper and Efficient !

My name is Philippe AHOLOU, Managing Director of PMA-NÉGOCE-INVESTIGATION SARL in the south of Benin in the Allada plateau.
Our company specializes in the production and marketing of pineapple of the best quality guaranteed by various certifications ECOCERT, FAIRTRADE.
We have the support of various national and international organizations.

Prior to our membership in the AMSCAAF business community, we did not have high visibility to make ourselves known in order to expand our market.


Since joining the AMSCAAF Business Community and benefiting from its EXTRApromo marketing campaign,






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SIRET (registration number) : 452 802 416 000 27